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Infinity Solutions is a commercial contracting company that provides construction services to our clients. We engage with all subcontractors directly, removing the risks associated with employment status.

Infinity Solutions have robust processes in place to guarantee full compliance guidelines. We provide a comprehensive service for all subcontractors in the construction industry.

Infinity Solutions are not an agency supplying labour, a payroll bureau or intermediary. Therefore, we sit outside the scope of (S44 ITEPA) Agency Legislation 2014.

Your CIS financial risks are eliminated with Infinity Solutions.

While using subcontractors for your company, there are many advantages as well as complicated factors that can be involved within construction industry schemes. A situation in which your company may occur financial risk could result in effecting your entire business.

Your company has the risk of inspection, which can lead to penalties and fines. Although you may have contracts in place, which may not be up to the required standard of being satisfactory or if you have failed to understand legislation that is constantly changing; your subcontractors could be considered as employees.

The labour market is characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts as opposed to permanent jobs. This risen situation needs to be dealt by subcontractors often when they are backed up by their union. Your company can be taken to employment tribunal to claim holiday pay or unfair dismissal.

Infinity Solutions removes all of these risks when you utilise our service.


Our focus.

Our focus is delivering relevant solutions to expand your business, win new customers and increase customer value
Construction Industry Scheme

The scheme sets out the rules for how payments to subcontractors for the construction work must be handled by contractors in the construction industry.


From general payments & administration to dealing with ever changing HMRC legislation. Save time and money in your business today with our services.

Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure that you are compliant, pay your workforce on time, reduce payroll costs, eliminate worry and risk and make your business more competitive.

We Are

We are an accredited company that specialises in the Construction Industry Scheme and payment solutions for UK contractors. We help construction firms to remain compliant with their employment and tax responsibilities in relation to their use of self-employed subcontractors.


Our Services

We are interested in only providing service of the highest standard


Why would you need to outsource ?

Keeping Control

Over which subcontractors you want to outsource and keep on PAYE.


Compliance Risk & Control Costs

Compliance Risk – Tax regulations  and compliance are met.

Control Cost – To boots your profits, cut down on over-heads payroll staff equipment, offices supplies, process, printing.



Enhance Accuracy

Ensure that your subcontractors get paid correctly and promptly, every time.


Save Time

Focus time and resources on strategy and other critical activities that increase efficiency and productivity and optimise your workforce to better meet your customer’s needs and reach your business goals. 


CIS Outsourcing

Your CIS financial risks are eliminated with Infinity Solutions

CIS Outsourcing Payroll

Infinity Solutions removes the link between a contractor and a subcontractor, we verify the subcontractor with HMRC and engage under our robust contracts.

  • All contracts are open ended; therefore, our clients and subcontractors are not tied into Infinity.
  • We ensure the subcontractors are paid on time, every time.



  • Infinity Solutions will raise a weekly or fortnightly invoice for the services which will become due and payable on receipt. 
  • On receipt of payment, subcontractors will be paid less our margin and tax deductions.
  • Subcontractors will receive receipt of monies on a nominated day along with a text message.
  • Subcontractors can retrieve their remittance from our web portal.


Public Liability Insurance for Subcontractors

Whilst contracting with Infinity Solutions we ensure all our subcontractors are covered under Public Liability Insurance cover. As part of this insurance we also include Personal Accident cover as an extra benefit to assist any subcontractor who is unable to work due to having an accident on site.

E-signature make GDPR compliance easier

To make registration process as quick and easy as possible, and to keep on top of contract authoring capabilities. A solution containing advanced e-signatures make it easier to capture consent immediately.

If you would like to find out more about how Infinity Solutions could assist you with CIS, please get in touch.

Accordance to Data Protection Act 2018, your personal information will be treated as confidential by us. You agree personal information may be used to provide with details of services and products in writing, by email or telephone. By submitting this information, you have given your agreement to receive verbal contact from Infinity Solutions Ltd to discuss your CIS requirement.


Construction Invoice Finance


Financing your invoice

Infinity Solutions understands that working in the Construction industry means that costs for materials and labour often need to be paid to meet the delivery of a project. These and other costs can be met by way of Invoice Financing, which will provide funding to afford business the ability to obtain goods or services for project completion.

Invoice financing is a way for businesses to borrow money against the amounts due from customers, and helps businesses improve cash flow, pay employees and suppliers, and reinvest in operations and growth earlier than they could if they had to wait until their customers paid their balances in full. Invoice financing is ideal for businesses that have customers on long payment terms, who often pay late or only make partial payments for work completed. Invoice Financing helps by giving you certainty over the funds you have available and releasing cash tied up in applications for payment and invoices raised at completion. At Infinity Solutions Invoice financing service we will support you by advancing cash against your applications for payment and invoices raised at completion. This will allow your business to meet payment obligations throughout the various stages of a contract, and take on more work knowing you have reliable funding in place.

          To find out how much cash you can release from unpaid invoices, enter your details we’ll call you back

Accordance to Data Protection Act 2018, your personal information will be treated as confidential by us. You agree personal information may be used to provide with details of services and products in writing, by email or telephone. By submitting this information, you have given your agreement to receive verbal contact from Bibby Financial Services to discuss your invoice finance application.




How do I claim back tax if I am taxed under Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)?

Infinity Solutions can help you process your Self-Assessment, dealing with HMRC can be stressful for subcontractors, our team of specialist accountants can help you claim your tax rebate, file your tax return for any income you have received from self-employed earnings or other sources.

HMRC will calculate your tax bill based on the figures in your tax return. The deadline for filing your online Self-Assessment tax return for the year ending 5th of April is at midnight on 31st of January.

Download and Submit Your Tax Return Form

You will need to fill in annual return form. All is required is to download and complete our forms, provide us with information so that we can submit your tax return. Email the forms at: info@infinitysolutionsuk.com

Please click here to download a form


Subcontractor Mortgages

Infinity Solutions work alongside with Clever Advice. Their team of experienced independent mortgage advisers have over 30 years combined experience, we deal with a wide range of mortgages services and products. Specialising mortgages for subcontractors, helping them to secure the type of mortgage they require.

We can help you protect your income and offer general insurance such as; Critical illness Cover, Income Protection, Family Income Benefits, Building & Content Insurance.



We can help you save monthly payments with low rates.


  • Current mortgage rate 
  • is your rate due to expire
  • Your monthly mortgage payments
  • Achieve and maintain a solid credit scoring

First Time Buyer

Getting on the property ladder can be a big step, we can help you over the obstacles.


  • Plan your deposit
  • Value of the property
  • Knowing your mortgage repayments
  • Achieve and maintain a solid credit scoring

Buy To Let

Thinking about long term investments and growth or to generate an income and meet mortgage repayments.


  • How much you want to invest in a property
  • Monthly mortgage repayments
  • Are you thinking of short term or long term investments
  • Deposit amount required 15%
  • Achieve and maintain a solid credit scoring

Moving Home

The process of transferring your mortgage deals from one property to another.


  • Has your employment status changed (employee to subcontractor)
  • Are on the same day rate
  • Knowing your mortgage repayments
  • Achieve and maintain a solid credit scoring

Getting a mortgage without a permanent position can be tricky, having the following 6 documents can secure your mortgage as a subcontractor:


  1. Credit report
  2. Deposit amount
  3. Three months bank statement 
  4. Passport or driving license
  5. Bank Statement or utility bill
  6. Last 12 months of payslips


Speak to a Mortgage expert adviser, enter your details and we'll call you back.

Accordance to Data Protection Act 2018, your personal information will be treated as confidential by us. You agree personal information may be used to provide with details of services and products in writing, by email or telephone. By submitting this information, you have given your agreement to receive verbal contact from Clever Advice to discuss your mortgage requirement.


CIS is short for Construction Industry Scheme. It’s HMRC way of collecting income tax from people who work in and around the building industry as subcontractors rather than employees.

A monthly return. All contractors must complete and submit a monthly return to HMRC regardless of whether or not you have actually made payments in the preceding month. While both payments operate independently of each other the records are merged for verification requests and monthly returns to HMRC.

All subcontractors are responsible to pay for their own National Insurance.

All subcontractors are asked to provide proof that they are eligible to work in UK before we can engage their services. We will request a copy of their passport or driving license.

A dedicated consultant available on a daily basis to assist and advise on any queries, providing updates on all the recent HMRC legislation changes.

Yes, Subcontractor will be tax at 30%. At the end of the financial year, they can claim back the remaining amount.


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If you have any questions about subcontracting with Infinity Solutions, or would just like to find out more, please contact us.


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